Intuitive Thinking Skills Ltd

We have joined forces with our partner agency Intuitive Thinking Skills Ltd to give our residents the chance to be able to access a number of their NOCN Accredited courses. We have been working in partnership with Intuitive Thinking Skills for over 12 months through HMPPS CFO3 and we are pleased to able to offer our residents the opportunity to engage on the following courses: Intuitive Recovery, Skills-Tu life, Skills-Tu Employment and Kind Regards depending on each individual’s needs.

If any of our residents would like to go on any of these courses then please contact us so that we can make a referral for you.

Skills-Tu Life

Skills-Tu Life is an educational course designed to improve well-being, cognitive skills & outcomes for people who hold the lowest expectations for themselves. Skills-Tu Life reflects latest thinking, encouraging ambition and belief in an individuals’ ability to overcome their problems. Developing motivation, promoting independence and personal responsibility will enhance and develop the skills of individuals to improve the quality of their lives.

Intuitive Recovery

Intuitive Recovery is an effective and well evidenced accredited programme. We promote abstinence through lived experience, education and practical tools busting myths with science. The course, delivered over six 2½ hour sessions teaching the BASIC SCIENCE OF ADDICTION along with an understanding of addictive desire (thoughts, feelings and rationale for continuing to use, drink or gamble). This provides people with SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE and TOOLS to recognise the consequences of their BEHAVIOUR, therefore encouraging full responsibility for their own CHOICES whilst also removing fear of change. The final part of the course is the development of a personalised and meaningful plan of abstinence.

Skills-Tu Employment

Skills-Tu Employment is an accredited educational programme helping learners prepare for employment opportunities. Our delivery as a specialist starts right from recruitment and selection. We recruit from our own client base meaning our Tutor/Coordinators have the added credibility of peers. Each member of staff has a wealth of personal experience including past drugs/alcohol problems, homelessness, health, offending history and long term unemployment. Having staff who have “been there and done that” demonstrates that our simple and passionate approach to problem solving works. The importance of employing credible and passionate Tutors in our sector makes success much more tangible and this simple message is essential to our success as a specialist in attitude change. The Skills-Tu Employment programme provides KNOWLEDGE, EXPERIENCE and PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS that change mind-sets. Change is achieved through CONTEMPORARY EDUCATION, CHANGING LANGUAGE, THINKING and BELIEFS that reinforce and justify helplessness. Employment and a meaningful career is entirely possible with the right planning in place and this is a strong message throughout the course.

Thinking Comm-Unity

Kind Regards is an educational course designed to improve self-control through education and skills helping people who have difficulty in controlling emotional and physical responses to life’s’ challenges specifically with regard to anger, frustration and violence. The course helps to identify how attitude, knowledge, skills and abilities can affect not only your behaviour but the lives of those around you as well. By developing the key skills of relationship management through critical thinking and the 3 R’s (Respect, Resilience & Responsibility) we can enhance and improve the quality of people’s individual lives and those around them.

Kind Regards

Kind Regards is an accredited, educational course aimed at improving any individual’s knowledge of how beliefs and thoughts contribute to behaviour, specifically with regard to anger, frustration and violence. The course helps to identify how attitude, knowledge, skills and abilities can affect not only your behaviour but the lives of those around you as well. The course is designed to be short duration, with learners tasked throughout to install their new skills in real life situations.

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Changing Attitudes to Abuse Our classroom-delivered course is aimed at enabling relationship abusers (perpetrators) to fully understand their behaviour and the false beliefs that underpin them. Firmly challenging the idea that it is acceptable to abuse another person, or that other personal problems, such as PTSD or depression, are a justification for abusive behaviour or domineering actions.


Building Positive Futures Level 1 NCFE accredited (BPF1) – we offer a specialised learning version of a personal based solutions therapy intervention, aimed at ex-offenders or those in custody who are experiencing difficulties in their family and relationships. The content of this course has been developed in partnership with Coventry University and is designed to offer support and help in behavioural change, based around self-identified, areas of need which will be best addressed through small but consistent incremental changes.

Conflict Management Level 1 NCFE accredited (CM1) – we offer input for ex-offenders and those in custody and for those working in environments where conflict is something they have to deal with regularly. This will benefit those who have previously struggled with managing conflict and support them to develop new skills to positively resolve challenging situations.

Specialist Mentoring Support

Access to localised 1-1 mentoring support for a revolving case load usually for between 6 – 18 months which brings:

1. Support in all aspects of day to day living and resettlement matters aswell as mentoring based emotional support and lifestyle guidance.

2. Targeted provision in support of Education and Training and Employment including access to organised work placements and work experience and funds for bespoke work-based training and other items necessary to gain work or self-employment.

3. Support into further education and other forms of vocational qualifications.

4. Provision of referrals by agreement to other specialist provision re:

• Wellbeing and Mindfulness
• Conflict Management
• ‘Low level’ mental health problems
• Substance misuse treatment and support
• Child & Family Pathway support including semi-therapeutic programme