Since 2013 we have helped hundreds of people to change the direction of their lives – empowering them to overcome issues of homelessness, addiction, mental ill-health and unemployment.


About Us

East Midland Homes Cooperative is a Housing Cooperative that was established in 2013. Our base is Nottingham but we serve a wider community. EMHC’s core values are a cooperative approach on tackling social housing issues.

Our members have been working hard within the community hoping to formalise change and make a much-needed difference within the housing sector. EMHC is a Non-for-profit organisation providing affordable rental homes with supported services for disadvantaged families within local communities.


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What Our Tenants say


They changed my life; I was hard work and I did not make things easy on the staff. The staff at EMHC would not give up on me even when I had given up on myself at times. Now I’m proud to say I have a job I very much enjoy and know look forward to the future.


When I first came to EMHC I Complain about everything it took time before I realised I was fighting myself. Now I feel I can fight for my future. I’m not there yet but I’m well on the road thanks to all the staff at east Midland Homes.

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